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Polymer Systems




Kozegho Dosing Systems has four models of polymer preparation systems to help manage the process of drying and consolidating sludge.

A friendly configuration, maintenance and operation make these models ideal systems used in flocculation processes such as dewatering, pre-filtration, and in the paper industry.



  • ELECTRICAL PANEL – All Siemens inside with synoptic board and main components signalization by bicolour led, emergency button, PLC S7-1200 for command and control with 4” colour display user interface.

  • MIXERS – standard in dilution and maturation chambers with 150 rpm motor driver, fast removable coupling system, shaft and 45º plain tetra-blade propellers build in 316 SS.

  • DRY FEEDER – with extraction solid center screw and compact Hooper built-in HDPE. All systems include heater resistance in extractor tube, intuitive level window and lever sensor in the hopper.

  • DOSING PUMP – Solenoid and diaphragm controlled by pulses or peristaltic with high head suction capacity suitable for standard viscous liquids, driven by motor and controlled by speed inverter.

Polymers are used to coagulate suspended solids and produce large curds of solid materials known as floc.

Powder in 3 Chambers (Specifications)

Emulsion in 2 Chambers (Specifications)

powder 3.png

Bivalent in 3 Chambers (Specifications)

bival 3.png
emulsion 2.png

Emulsion in 3 Chambers (Specifications)

emulsion 3.png
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