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Turbo Blowers




The HAUS Turbo Blowers are single-stage centrifugal compressors with variable speed drive and magnetic bearing technology.

The air is absorbed from the room (or from a pipe), filtered, and enters in the centrifugal compressor. The speed of rotation and the shape of the compressor aid in compressing airflow and its increasing pressure. The compressed air is subsequently discharged into the user pipe through the blower air diffuser (Discharging Cone).

This simple system is effective thanks to the shape and the high speed reached by the compressor. The Magnetic Bearing associated with Variable Speed Motor makes very high speed and therefore high performance is possible. Extensive use of control equipment increases the reliability, the flexibility and finally the competitivity of this solution.

The magnetic bearing system is made by magnets placed in radial and axial position, connected with an electronic controller which distribute the power and read the field data, and auxiliary bearing for resting position. This creates an electromagnetic field which maintains in a contactless position the shaft, allowing its rotation without any friction or resistance. The magnetic field is able to control and maintain with high precision the position of the shaft supporting the impeller.

Turbo blowers are used in the ventilation pools

of wastewater treatment plants and are used in

any aeration processes.


Technical Information from HAUS Centrifuge Technologies

Low-Pressure L Series / Medium Pressure M Series / High-Pressure H Series

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