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Screw Conveyors




These conveyors are used in the transportation of dewatered sludge and various types of garbage collected from screens in sewers. EKOTON, Sydex, and HAUS provide various types of screw conveyors for many applications.

Screw conveyors are continuously operating transport mechanisms used to efficiently move semi-solid materials.

sydex screw conveyor.jpg

Technical Specifications:

Productivity: 2-35 m3/h

Screw diameter: 190-460 mm

Horizontal conveyor length: 3-30 m

Inclined conveyor length: 3-15 m

Conveyor tilt:       axis-less - up to 35°; axial - up to 45°;

Conveyor drive:  NORD; degree of protection - IP55; power - 1.5 – 5.5 kW

Drive output shaft rotation speed: 15-35 rpm

Technical Specifications:

Diameter: from 150 to 500 mm

Inclination of installation: 0-15° or 0-30°

Standard /reinforced spiral Length: 0-20 mt or 0-30 mt

Capacity: from 0.8 mc/h to 45 mc/h

Power: from 0.55 kW to 5.5 kW

Speed: 29 rpm

haus screw press.png
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